The duo behind Clochee are Justyna Szuszkiewicz an experienced cosmetic developer and Daria Prochenka a skilled businesswoman.

Their passion, knowledge and ability translated into the creation of a beautiful, efficacious, healthy and 100% eco product. The business remains a privately-owned company.

Their idea behind Clochee was to create a new eco brand for the European market, thoughtfully developing over time; it was launched in 2014.

A brand with passion

We do what we love

Most of us dream of having a fascinating and enjoyable job. This was our dream too and we pursued it by founding Clochee. We now do what we love, what we are interested in and what we are good at. We want to share it with you.

We have the same needs as you

We want to give you products that we use ourselves. Our strength lies in the quality of our products. We refuse to compromise and our products are rigorously tested by dermatologists and allergologists. We choose our suppliers with care. We are meticulous and patient with our formulas and we repeatedly analyse quality. Our products are assessed and certified by experts. We therefore guarantee that our product is completely natural and safe.

We want to show you that you can reach perfection

We do not rush. We give you our products only when we are 100% satisfied with the result. We strive to source the best ingredients and present them in beautiful packaging. The visual, sensual and tactile qualities of our products are equally as important as their effectiveness.

We care about the quality of our services

Our strength lies not only in our quality and eco-friendly approach, but also in our desire to fulfil your needs.

Our philosophy

Inspired by nature

Our aim is to produce the perfect beauty product. One that is thoroughly natural, safe and healthy. We use the power of plants and minerals and stay true to nature. Our products do not contain: parabens or other preservatives, mineral oil and oil substances, silicones, alcohol, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, ethoxylated PEG and SLES.

We merge the traditional and contemporary

Our philosophy is to combine nature with tradition and innovation. Minerals, seeds, berries and flowers are valuable raw materials, successfully used by generations. We blend them with modern science and technology to give you the pure essence of nature.

We care about environment

We do not compromise. We take responsible care in producing and packaging our products, which is as important to us as the quality of our cosmetics. We make sure that our packaging is made only of reusable and recyclable materials. We understand that less is more.

We support green lifestyle

We actively support many ecological causes and social events. We want to demonstrate that looking after the environment is easy and fun. We are not lecturing – we are only trying to develop your eco-awareness. We want to show you the benefits of “going back to nature” and how important it is to take responsibility for our environment.

Our mission

Back to nature

We want to show you that going back to nature is not just an empty phrase, but it is the best recipe and beauty source. Our products meet strict European standards. We use only selected natural ingredients and rely on certified organic sources, allowing our beauty products to bring you closer to nature. We ensure that the herbs, flowers, berries and oils locked in our beauty products invigorate your skin. We want you to reach nature more easily and teach you how to make the most of it.

Be eco-friendly

Modern forward-thinking companies, working today to improve the quality of our lives, do so through balanced development. This is how we work! Packaging is very important to us and we are using only economical packaging for our products. We use jars and bottles that are easily biodegradable and recycled. Our duty to you and to nature, is to look after our environment. Choose Clochee and help the environment! We want to teach you what it means to be eco-friendly with a positive outlook, to show you that being green can be easy.


“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks”. Charles Gordy

Clochee is a pro-health project for your body and soul. The essence of natural beauty bottled in our products will make you feel pampered and invigorated. We take a piece of nature and we pass it on to you, so you can experience nature’s renewing power and caring touch. You will shine with positive energy. You will find your inner beauty and glow. Our aim is making you smile with optimism.

About Clochee UK

Clochee UK is managed by Fragrant Earth International and have exclusive collaboration with Clochee for distribution in the UK and Asian markets. Fragrant Earth are world renowned for creating and promoting natural and organic products. Specialising in everything from quality essential oils to high tech skincare. Blending worlds of aromatherapy with fragrance, skincare and healthcare.

A well established, award winning family business, Fragrant Earth strives to meet the needs of therapists, practitioners and consumers worldwide. Formed by practitioners over 40 years ago, we continue to be a major international force in aromatic products, cosmetics, toiletries and skin care.

Founded by Jan Kusmireck (who played an active role in the Soil Association and the early organic movement), Fragrant Earth are naturopathic in their approach and philosophy. We work closely with farmers and growers to develop and establish organic grades, quality and availability for the cosmetic industry.

Sustainability through organic growing methods, wild harvesting and responsible sourcing has always been at the heart of the materials we supply. Environmental considerations, social impact and a clean conscience are a vital part of our company DNA.

Fragrant Earth