10 tips for healthy winter skin

10 tips for healthy winter skin

Cold dry air and changing environments can cause havoc with our skin and cause itching, dryness and of course irritation.

Combat dry winter skin with these skin loving tips to prevent dryness and retain your skins natural moisture.

1) Make moisturising an important part of your daily skincare regime for both the face and the body.  This is the time of year to be generous with the amount you use and slather it on. Moisturise frequently, especially your hands and always use a good hand cream after washing up/washing your hands. Try our Light Regenerating Hand Cream or Rich Body Butter.

2) When you cleanse, use a gentle face wash or a cleansing oil that will not strip the skin of its natural moisturisers. Try our Soothing Cleansing Oil.

3) Avoid hot showers and baths and use a shower oil which is ideal for dry skins, or a gentle, moisturising body wash. Try our Refreshing Shower Oil.

4) Control your environment and avoid extreme temperatures.

5) Exfoliate weekly – use a gentle exfoliator for the face and body to slough away dry, dead skin cells.  This will help keep the skin free from dry, itchy flakes as well as preparing the skin to maximise the efficacy of your moisturiser. Try our Gentle Enzyme Peel.

6) Weekly treat – once a week, feed your skin with a good moisturising mask, followed with a facial oil to give your skin a nourishing treatment. Try our Moisturising Red Clay Mask, followed by our Antioxidant Oil Serum with Vitamin C.

7) Apply sunscreen – even on those grey winter days the suns’ harmful UV rays can cause damage to the skin. Ensure you apply a good SPF to protect and prevent drying of the skin due to the sun. Try our SPF 30 Illuminating Cream.

8) Look after your feet – our feet suffer too during the winter and its’ important to keep them soft. A good routine is to apply a good rich moisturiser to feet at night before you go to bed. Giving them a soak and an exfoliating treatment once a week will also help keep the dryness at bay. Try our Rich Body Butter, and for a weekly exfoliation, try one of our Nourishing Sugar Scrubs.

9) Don’t forget your lips – apply a moisturising, protective lip balm to avoid getting cracked or chapped lips.

10) Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

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