A clean and green beauty brand

Clochee is clean and green – a statement we are proud of and extremely dedicated to. We promote the notion of ‘back to nature’ as the beauty source, but how do we actually achieve this?

Clochee is proud to be a green beauty brand

The power of plants

98% of our ingredients are derived directly from nature. We harness the power of plants and minerals, staying true to nature and utilising high quality formulations and potent plant actives. We ensure that all our ingredients are responsibly sourced from approved organic farms.

Our careful sourcing philosophy means our skin and body care ranges are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. All Clochee products are free from parabens, artificial colours, silicones, mineral oils, glycols & ethoxylates and synthetic ingredients.

Eco-friendly beauty

We are extremely environmentally conscious and strive to make sure the impact our packaging has on the environment is minimal.

We use d2w technology in our skincare jars, making them entirely biodegradable. We also utilise PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic in our packaging. It’s cost effective, readily available and creates greater positive impact than other choices (and yes, that includes all the energy to collect, recycle, and remanufacture it!). ⠀

A green beauty brand you can trust

Transparency is important to us, so you’ll always find our ingredients clearly listed on all our packaging and on our website. We’ve even put together a handy beauty glossary to help you decipher cosmetic terminology.

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