It's in our make up

Created by an expert team of beauty specialists, our philosophy is to use the power of plants and minerals and stay true to nature. This philosophy is central to how we source our ingredients.

Natural organic ingredients

Back to nature

98% of the ingredients in our skin and body care ranges are derived directly from nature. We choose our suppliers with care, using only natural ingredients, certified raw materials and organically grown products from approved farms. 

Minerals, seeds, berries and flowers are valuable raw materials, successfully used for generations. We sensitively blend them with modern science and technology, giving you the pure essence of nature. We ensure that the herbs, flowers, berries and oils locked in our beauty products invigorate and nurture your skin, helping you harnesss the organic power of nature.

Safe, tested and certified

Our products meet strict European standards. We refuse to compromise on quality or processes and our products are rigorously tested by dermatologists and allergologists. We are meticulous and patient with our formulas and techniques and we repeatedly analyse quality, which means we can guarantee that our products are completely natural and safe.

Free from

Our products are all completely free from parabens and other preservatives, mineral oil and oil substances, silicones, alcohol, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, ethoxylated PEG and SLES.

The most important ingredients…

…are you! If you haven’t already discovered the natural, visible benefits of Clochee, simply click here to immerse yourself in our world of organic beauty.

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