Spotlight on: body butters

For intense skin moisturisation you really can’t beat body butters! However, not all body butters are made equal and to really allow your skin to benefit, you need to choose a body butter packed full of powerful botanticals.

What is a body butter?

Body butters usually contain either shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil or other vegetable based oil. They are often thicker than body moisturisers and lotions, because the water content is much lower and oil content much higher.

Ingredients matter

Clochee body butters are carefully formulated using shea butter, which is packed with minerals, fatty acids, Vitamin A and E (it’s basically a skin super food!). Shea butter is more easily absorbed into the skin than cocoa butter and is less oily in texture, which means less clogged skin pores.

Our body butters also contain jojoba oil which softens and smooths the skin. Jojoba oil also has high antioxidant activity which helps protect skin from external environment damage.

Back to nature

98% of the ingredients in our products are derived directly from nature. We use only natural ingredients and certified raw materials sourced from approved farms. Why do we do this? Because protecting our environment is central to our philosophy and by choosing natural, organic and vegan ingredients, means are product range is more effective and efficacious.

Getting the most out of your product

Clochee body butter should be applied to clean, dry skin and then gently massaged in. For bright, radiant and beautifully soft skin, apply the body butter after using one of our sugar scrubs – this is especially good for dull skin types.

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